About us

Your Next Vacation is a traveling site tailored for the needs of modern day travelers looking for inspiring destinations. Our aim is to help visitors find the perfect destination for their next vacation using simple yet powerful navigation tools that break down potential destinations along the lines of personal preferences. Looking for a romantic getaway? daydreaming about an adventurous trek? always wanted to explore eastern Asia? or just looking for some quality time with your family away from home? Seen from the perspective of the future traveler, it makes more sense asking first WHAT you wish to do? instead of just WHERE you wish to go. And while they say a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe a video is worth a million, and that is why, for each destination, we’ve added an episode of the celebrated travel series “World Class”. So, what are you waiting for? your next vacation starts here!


Our Contributors:

RICHARD HALL l Series Creator

With over 35 years of experience in show business, Richard Hall have developed, written and filmed many documentaries, features and commercials for networks such as Sky, BBC and the Travel Channel. His celebrated jet-set travel series “World Class” features the best of the very best of travel destinations around the world, and have become a mainstay at the Travel Channel.